Rules & Regulations

Please read this section very carefully. Any runner not adhering to any of the following rules is subject to disqualification or penalty


  1. Race is open to male or female 18 years of age or older as of race day, who is in good health and can complete the race without getting lost. For youths who are 18 or 19 years old, parental/ guardian permission is required
  2. Participants will be asked during registration to provide details of qualifying event name and time result record
  3. 200km
    Participants are required to have completed 100km road/trail race (Charity run eventsi are not included)
  4. 100km
    Participants are required to have completed Full Marathon road/trail race (Charity run eventsi are not included)
  5. 50km
    Participants are required to have completed Full Marathon road/trail race (Charity run eventsi are not included)
  6. 21km, 10km and 5km
    No qualification is required, but runners MUST prepare themselves physically and psychologically.

Condition of Participation

  1. You understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an ultra-long distance running race
  2. You will be responsible for yourself and have the ability to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race.
  3. You are able to deal with, on your own without assistance, deteriorating weather conditions (low temperatures, strong winds, and rain) and other troubles expected when running inside and outside Kebu raya Bogor.
  4. You are able to deal with extreme fatigue, internal organ and digestive problems, muscle pain, mild physical injuries and psychological problems on your own.
  5. You fully understand that you are responsible for overcoming the above conditions 1 to 4 on your own and that it is not the responsibility of the race organization.
  6. You are fully aware that when participating in an outdoor activity such as this race, your safety depends on your own skills and abilities.
  7. Video/television footage, photos, articles, race results, etc. may be used and/or shown in newspapers, television, magazines, internet, pamphlets, etc.
  8. You understand and agree that these rights belong to the race organization and may be used for these purposes.


  1. Once your registration is paid and approved, cancellation is not allowed. But we are open for such requests as long as participants have valid reasons. Special request for entry cancellation, refund, or entry transfer is open until 31 March 2017. Request will be considered on case-by-case basis, please contact us at
  2. Due to the processing fee charged by Paypal, and overhead administrative cost, any refund will be subject to a deduction of between 3-5% of the amount paid. Any reasonable change of this deduction amount will be made known accordingly.


  1. If during the race, you encounter another runner or staff member who is injured or sick and unable to move on their own, please give priority to assisting that person by telling race staff for assistance
  2. The race is located on national park and other public/private property places. Please be mindful and share the trail with others at all times. There will be “no passing sections” signs along the race course where you will be prohibited from passing other runners and hikers
  3. Do not damage any property located along the race course


  1. Food and drinks will be provided as well as Aid Stations (Start/ Finish, W1 (Km 2,5 INSIDE Kebun Raya Bogor) and W2 (Km 2 OUTSIDE Kebun Raya Bogor)
  2. Outside support by family and friends is not allowed
  3. The food and drinks at the aid stations are only for the racers
  4. Non-registered racers may not run alongside racers. (No pacers allowed)


  1. In order to ensure race safety, race organizer will prepare and arrange medical assistance during the race. However, each participant must recognize and understand that there are risks that may result in injuries and/or accidents associated with running. You are responsible for yourself and will be participating in this race at your own risk
  2. Emergency and first aid tents staffed by a doctor and/or nurse will be located at Race Central. All aid stations will have radio communication to race headquarters
  3. Emergency rescues/procedures will be available to racers as well all those involved in the race (e.g. staff, supporters)
    • If you receive emergency medical assistance from a rescue crew and/or doctor, please make sure that you get examined by a medical expert at a hospital after the race. Please contact the race organizer centre to let them know of your condition after the medical examination
  4. Doctors and rescue staff have the authority to stop a racer from continuing the race. This will be done by taking off the racer’s number card and IC chips
  5. If you drop out of the race, you can continuing walk by take a shorter path to the pick up point that will take you back to the finish line
  6. In the case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the nearest Medic aid station, pick up point or finish line, the committee will give assistance


If you decide to drop out of the race, you must notify race staff. Please remove your race card/bib and and report to a race staff member so that race Organizer Center can be notified. Once you’ve dropped out of the race, you will not be able to re-start.
Remember to keep your race card with you as you will need it to retrieve your bags from the bag storage area
Tell to the staff at aid station that you’ve decided to drop out of the race
If you are able to move on your own, please make your way to the closest aid station


  1. BIB
  2. For 100k and 200k categories: Headlamps with functional battery + spare battery